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The Wigglebutt Doghouse Sleep-overs – Like a Slumber Party for your Dog

The days of the kennel are over.  No crates, no lonely runs where your dog is isolated and just sitting around waiting for you to come home.  Our sleep-over guests play with their friends all day, both inside and out.  Dogs can choose between a cozy bed in their own private bedroom or they can sleep in the cageless bedroom with the buddies they met during daycare.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day to ensure no after-hours pooch parties are thrown.

With every sleep-over, pooches also get one day of daycare included to burn some energy and improve socialization skills. Note:  dogs must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for daycare.

For all sleep-over guests, playtime will go until lights out at 10:00 p.m.

All pooches will have a final potty break before going to bed.


1.  Apply.  Click here to fill out our online application (you can also choose to print an application and fax or mail it to us).

2.  Bring your dog in for a free day of daycare.  We strongly recommend that dogs boarding for their first time come in for their free day of daycare prior to their stay. Please call or e-mail us to schedule your appointment.

3.  Provide your dog’s health records.  All sleep-over guests must be current on their vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, bordetella and parvo. All dogs should also be on a flea and heartworm preventative maintenance plan.  Please bring your pooch’s shot records from your vet on your first visit, (or fax them to us before you arrive)


Please bring your dog’s food and treats.  We encourage you to bring your pooches food with you as the excitement of a sleep-over AND a new diet can cause upset tummies.


Rates are based on a 24 hour period and include one day of daycare. If drop-off is in the morning, pick-up time also needs to be morning.

Want your pooch to be clean and smell fresh – add a bath for just $15.

Sleep-over + Daycare $35 per day
Sibling Discount* is $28 for a 2nd pooch and $25 for each additional

10 Day Pass $315
Sibling Discount* $252 2nd pooch and $225 for each additional

Unlimited Month – Call for pricing

Additional discounts for rescue and foster dogs, active military, and corporate partners.

* Dogs must be from the same family for the sibling discount to apply.