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Goldie and her Skin Take a Nap

Thanks for your interest in daycare and/or boarding at The Wigglebutt Doghouse in Indianapolis!

Here’s what happens next.

1.  The first thing we want to do is find out if your dog is a good fit!  Please be our guest for a free day of Doggie Daycare.  This will give us a chance to see how your dog interacts with the other wigglebutts.

To make an appointment call or email us.
(317-334-9247 or

2.  After you have made your appointment, either download, print, and fill out the hard copy Application and the Authorization and Release, or fill out and submit these forms on the website, starting with the one below.

3.  Bring your dog’s SHOT/HEALTH RECORDS with you to your trial day at The Wigglebutt Doghouse.  You can also ask your vet to fax these records to us at 317-252-0361.


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